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During the School Board Meeting on May 26, 2021, the board voted RECIND the motion to move Donegal, Norvelt and Ramsey to K-6. 

In addition, a new configuration for Donegal of K-4 was set in motion. Norvelt will remain K-3 and Ramsey 4-6.

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"Down the lane on top the hill my school house waits for me.

Inside it's walls we work and learn to be all that we can be.

Learning to live together, making our lives more full,

I will never forget the things you taught us.


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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something, and together we can save our school.

• Closure of Donegal Elementary will only worsen an already overcrowded situation in our other school buildings making it impossible to keep our children safe and distanced in the midst of a pandemic. NOW is the time to USE the EXTRA SPACE AT DONEGAL NOT CLOSE IT DOWN!!!

• Closure of Donegal Elementary will put our children as young as 5 years old on extended bus rides, up to an hour ride (one way), requiring unreasonable wake times as well as extended driving distances during harsh winter weather conditions. Mount Pleasant School District covers 106 square miles with greater than 50% (65 square miles) of it being within the Mountain Area – it's completely unreasonable to close yet another elementary building in a District which accounts for such a large geographical area.

• Closure of Donegal Elementary will continue to put extreme burdens on the families of this school district, which are already struggling as a result of the imposed K-3, 4-6 district reconfiguration from 2 years ago. Further worsened by the mental strain and difficult learning environments COVID 19 has brought!

• Closure of Donegal Elementary will have an impact on the local community. It will impact businesses, property values and the desire of families to stay a part of the MP School District and attract new families here.

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Contact Your School/Local Representatives

Mount Pleasant School Board

Mt. Pleasant Area School District
Administration Office
ATTN: Board of School Directors
271 State Street
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666


Kim Ward

1075 South Main Street, Suite 116

Greensburg, PA 15601

Patrick J. Stefano

171 West Crawford Ave, 2nd Floor

Connellsville, PA 15425

Donegal Township Supervisors

Tom Stull Jr., Henry Hoffer, Dan Probisco

Trudy Harkcom (Record Officer)

137 Hoffers Lane

Jones Mills, PA 15646

Mount Pleasant Township Supervisors

Jack Rutkowski, Duane Hutter, Frank Puskar
PO Box 158 
208 Poker Road
Mammoth, PA 15664

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Board Members and Upcoming Meetings

Mr. Michael Picarsic, President
Mr. Edward L. Christofano, Vice President
Mr. Ryan M. Bann, Treasurer

Ms. Julie F. Alesantrino

Mrs. Allison Brooks

Mr. Brad Coppula

Mr. Eric Poole

Mr. Donald K. Seder

Mr. John K. Weinman

Dr. Timothy M. Gabauer, Superintendent

Mr. Anthony A. DeMaro, Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Allison Willis, Business Manager/Board Secretary
Mr. Gary J. Matta, Solicitor

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